RSA, Hirsch to Show at Conference

RSA and Hirsch provide federal agencies converged security

WASHINGTON -- RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), and Hirsch Electronics, a leading provider of physical security management systems, today announced that they will be demonstrating the interoperability of their physical and logical access systems at the Smart Cards in Government Conference - to be held April 10-13 in Washington, DC.

The interoperability of the RSA® Card Manager smart card management solution with Hirsch's Velocity physical access control system (PACS) and SCM Microsystems Physical Access Control Terminals (PACT) will help enable government agencies to enhance efficiency, increase security and reduce costs by consolidating multiple credentials onto a single device that is designed to enable employees to access both secured areas and electronic resources.

"As federal agencies make the necessary investments - in time and money - for deploying HSPD-12 / FIPS-201 PIV cards and infrastructure, it is vital that these organizations have solutions at their fingertips that can actually facilitate end-to-end access," said Shannon Kellog, director, Information Security Policy, EMC. "With RSA Card Manager and solutions from Hirsch, a major player in the physical access market with a considerable installed base in the U.S. government, we collectively are providing our customers with a converged security solution that will help them to optimize the benefits of their HSPD-12 investments."

RSA Security Inc. (Nasdaq: EMC)