RedCannon Rolls Out DLP Kit

RedCannon Security introduces KeyPoint Data Leak Prevention Kit to protect portable data at rest and on the road

FREMONT, Calif. --­ RedCannon Security, a trusted provider of centrally managed, secure mobile-access solutions for the enterprise, today announced its KeyPoint Data Leak Prevention Kit, a complete out-of-the-box solution for data encryption and USB port control. The KeyPoint Data Leak Prevention Kit includes high-performance Lexar Lightening USB sticks, pre-installed with the RedCannon KeyPoint Solo Vault, a software encryption solution, and includes KeyPoint Port Control for assurance that only enterprise-issued or authorized USB devices may be used in desktop or network ports.

³Due to their convenience and mobility, the use of USB flash drives continues to grow, and industry analysts predict that approximately 340 million USB flash drives will be sold in 2008,² said Vimal Vaidya, founder and chief executive officer at RedCannon. ³RedCannon is committed to enabling the secure use of these devices in businesses of all sizes by allowing for customized port control and ensuring the protection of the data on these drives.²

KeyPoint Solo Vault provides standards-based, military-grade software encryption that allows end-users to maintain productivity in the field with the assurance that the data they carry and use will not be compromised.

KeyPoint Port Control helps organizations manage and control the portable devices on their networks and minimize the associated risks these devices can introduce including virus attacks, data theft and leakage, legal implications and productivity loss.

RedCannon Security

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