Reconnex Integrates Gateways

Reconnex announced an approach for interacting with email gateways to prevent IP and other confidential data from leaving corporate networks

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Reconnex, the experts in information protection, today announced a standardized approach for interacting with email gateways to prevent intellectual property (IP) and other confidential data from leaving corporate networks. Barracuda, IronPort, and Sendmail are the first Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) vendors certified by Reconnex, providing an integrated solution with the Reconnex iGuard to take advantage of its content-monitoring capabilities. By working with MTA providers, Reconnex is able to employ existing standards-based message handling mechanisms to add another level of security to organizations' existing email infrastructure.

Today, customers depend on gateway MTAs for high-throughput, reliable message processing functions such as inbound and outbound email routing, spam filtering and blocking, virus scanning, and keyword-based filters. The Reconnex iGuard brings deep content knowledge to these existing MTAs by using biometrics to discover known data-at-rest on the network and tag it for protection. The iGuard also performs real-time content monitoring of all data-in-motion on the network, including messaging traffic, to detect tagged data. Now when an email that requires content analysis hits the MTA, the MTA can pass the message content to the Reconnex iGuard for analysis, which uses the tags to determine if the message contains IP or private data. In real-time, the iGuard provides feedback on the content 'risk' of the message as well as recommended actions for the MTA to take -- such as block, re-direct, quarantine, encrypt, or archive -- before the message leaves the network.

Reconnex Corp.

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