Protegrity Unveils Software Suite

Protegrity launches Defiance Security Software Suite 4.3

WASHINGTON -- Protegrity Corporation, the leading provider of Data Security Management solutions, today unveiled the newest version of Defiance Security Software Suite, the industry's most comprehensive security solution, at the Gartner IT Security Summit in Washington, DC.

Defiance 4.3 enables companies to fully protect sensitive data without disrupting essential business processes. Particularly suited to the needs of distributed enterprises like those in the retail industry, new and enhanced features ease integration with existing systems, improve key management, and broaden platform support. "We've heard over and over again that businesses are struggling to comply with complex government and industry data protection regulations. Working closely with industry leaders and our customers, we developed and fine-tuned features that provide strong data security, compatibility, compliance, and true ease of use," said Gordon Rapkin, CEO of Protegrity Corporation.

Defiance 4.3 adds Microsoft Windows platform support for VPDisk, Protegrity's file protection product. A key feature of VPDisk is cross platform interoperability - files encrypted on Unix or Linux systems are fully interoperable with the Windows version of VPDisk. This allows for enterprises to transfer data from platform to platform in a secure manner.

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