Protegrity Delivers 4.2

Protegrity releases the Defiance 4.2 Software Security suite

STAMFORD, Conn. -- Protegrity® Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise data security management solutions, today releases the Defiance 4.2 Software Security suite, the industry’s first-ever integrated security platform to protect databases, files, & web applications in a single offering. Chief Security Officers and security managers can now focus on securing enterprise data holistically, not just from hardware appliances scattered through the IT infrastructure.

The integration of Defiance DPS data protection, Protegrity VPDisk file security, and Defiance TMS web application threat management, in this integrated suite release, delivers on Protegrity’s Data Security Management™ strategy of end-to-end protection. With Protegrity’s Defiance Enterprise Security Reporter, security administrators now have the proactive power to view and manage security events at all data protection points, throughout the data lifecycle. With compliance reports, active dashboards and detailed audit reporting, security officers can now demonstrate the efficacy of their security policies and reduce the number of days required with auditors to satisfy their assessment of the adequacy of internal controls; having all the information they need in one central interface.

Protegrity Corp.