Product Watch: HP, Fortify To Offer Hybrid Analysis Of Web App Pen Testing, Code Scanning

New Hybrid 2.0 technology unites results from black-box, white-box testing
HP and Fortify Software today announced they have further integrated analysis data between their Web application penetration-test and source-code scanning tools.

The so-called Hybrid 2.0 technology, which the vendors will demonstrate at next week's RSA Conference in San Francisco, will be folded into the HP Assessment Management Platform, Fortify Source Code Analysis, and Fortify Program Trace Analyzer sometime in the second half of 2010, according to HP and Fortify. Hybrid 2.0 basically correlates testing data from penetration tests and static code analysis.

"Hybrid 2.0 takes static analysis -- the inside-out view of application security -- and dynamic analysis -- the outside-in view -- to another level," says Jeff Morgan, director of product management in HP's application security center. "We are actively linking dynamic and static processes."

That lets enterprises get a better correlated view of the details of results in security testing results, which can help them better prioritize problems and provide details of an attack, as well as information on the root cause of a vulnerability. This is a step up from Hybrid 1.0, which performs simple aggregation and correlation and requires more manual analysis.

"From an SDL perspective, black- and white-box testing are joining forces: SaaS delivery via WhiteHat Security/Fortify, and products from HP/Fortify and IBM via Ounce," says Jeremiah Grossman, CTO and founder of WhiteHat Security, which partners with Fortify with a similar hybrid offering on the services side. Grossman says the announcement competes with IBM's acquisition of OunceLabs, which provides source-code testing of apps.

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