Polar Rose Intros Photo Search

Polar Rose announced its product and an open beta trial, beginning in Q1 of 2007

MALMÖ, Sweden -- Polar Rose, a company uniquely combining automatic face recognition with 3D modeling for visual search applications, today announced its product and an open beta trial, beginning in Q1 of 2007 at

Using Polar Rose’s technology, it will now be possible to automatically search for and recognize faces on a consistent basis similar to the way people do – by using the visual cues of the photo as opposed to nearby text analysis. The company’s unique technology creates a 3D model from a single 2D image of a face. This approach radically improves photo matching by compensating for variations in lighting, facial emotions and pose.

Available as a free Web browser plug-in and through royalty-free APIs (Application Programming Interface) for partner integration, Polar Rose will seamlessly enhance the experience of browsing and searching for photos of people. Polar Rose, which is also the name of a flower-shaped mathematical curve used as a logo mark by the company, will augment any site with true people search and enable linked data discovery in connection with a person in any photo.

Polar Rose AB

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