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Ping Identity Corporation announced that PingLogin is now available for free download

DENVER -- Ping Identity Corporation announced today that PingLogin is now available for free download from Introduced in June 2006 in response to recent market requirements for a more flexible approach to consumer authentication in light of regulation and identity fraud, PingLogin is a next-generation user authentication and single sign-on framework for consumer-facing online services and web applications. Designed for maximum extensibility and scale in collaboration with leading financial services providers, PingLogin centralizes and simplifies management of consumer authentication, reducing integration and maintenance costs associated with existing home grown systems or rigid and overly-heavy access management solutions.

According to a recent report by Mark Diodati of the Burton Group, “Financial institutions should be flexible when designing their consumer authentication architecture to accommodate different user groups and emerging risks. The financial institution may wish to change its primary authentication methods for a subset of users (for example, high-value customers) or for a particular application (for example, brokerage). Additionally, as threats change over time, an authentication system may become insufficient. Flexible architecture is even more important for service providers, since different financial institutions may want different consumer authentication controls.”

With five key areas of extensibility and a robust developers and integrators SDK to facilitate integration with multi-factor authentication solutions, PingLogin’s customizable architecture provides the flexibility that financial institutions and other online service providers require to keep pace with their ever-evolving authentication needs.

Ping Identity Corp.

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