PGP Upgrades Encryption Platform

PGP Corporation updates PGP-encryption platform for seamless enterprise data protection

Palo Alto, Calif. -- PGP Corporation, a global leader in enterprise data protection, today announced the availability of upgrades to its award-winning PGP® Encryption Platform. Six updated PGP Encryption Platform–enabled applications will enhance management, policy, and reporting capabilities as encryption is deployed across an organization to protect data wherever it lives or goes.

Highlighted in this release as part of the PGP Encryption Platform’s new Secure Delivery functionality is PDF Messenger, which ensures secure email communication regardless of the recipient’s infrastructure. Proven by enterprises worldwide in pre-release testing, Secure Delivery functionality protects communications without requiring additional installed software. Recipients simply continue to use the software they already have installed—a mail client, a Web browser, or a standard PDF reader—to securely receive, read, and reply to email messages. Corporate policies are automatically and uniformly applied to outgoing messages to help ensure compliance.

"I'm impressed with the latest release of the PGP Encryption Platform, especially PGP® Whole Disk Encryption. The upgrade was seamless, and the software provides great central reporting—important to our enterprise data protection strategy," says Alan Mitchell, IBM senior technical staff member, chief information officer Security & Privacy, with IBM Corporation. "The additional management controls, such as the ability to lock down certain features, allow us to phase our deployment in managed stages so users can get acquainted with their new capabilities and the potential for help desk calls is reduced."

PGP Corp.