Perimeter Launches Services

Perimeter eSecurity has launched a powerful new suite of Identity Protection Services

MILFORD, Conn. -- Perimeter eSecurity, the only provider of complete eSecurity on demand, announced today that it has launched a powerful new suite of Identity Protection Services which builds on their industry leading CounterPhishSM anti-phishing service, enhancing it with their new Pharming Shield offering. Perimeter is making this suite of services available at a 33% discount until the end of April

A phishing attack starts with a fraudulent email directed at a banking services customer of a financial institution. The email appears to come from the customer's financial institution and contains a URL or web site link that, when clicked on, takes the Account User to a Phish Web Site and directs them to enter their account number, username, password or PIN, etc. This information is collected in a Phish Database that enables criminals to use the customer's identity to steal funds, commit fraud, or otherwise attack the institution. Pharming attacks redirect legitimate traffic to the hacker's web site so the hacker can gain access to customers' user names and passwords. Whether it is a "Man-in-the-middle" Attack, DNS Poisoning, or Web Site or Host File Modification it is urgent that compromised systems be detected and resolved quickly.

"Fifty nine million Phishing emails are sent out worldwide each day, 90% of which are targeted at financial institutions," said Kevin Prince, CSO of Perimeter eSecurity. "Attacks are becoming increasingly personal because hackers will go to any length to convince end users that an imitation email or website is real. They will even use your security vendor or a federal organization as 'bait.' Fraudulent phishing and pharming sites need to be taken down immediately to thwart further attacks and damage. Our Identity Protection Services average a 3-hour take-down time for phishing and pharming sites in contrast to a nearly 6-day industry average."

Perimeter eSecurity

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