Pegasus Helps LCRA

Pegasus announces that its deployment of CryptoCard's authentication tokens has enabled LCRA to identify field workers by phone

PHILADELPHIA -- Pegasus Technologies (, a leader in IT-based security solutions and services, is proud to announce that its innovative deployment of CRYPTOCard’s ( user-friendly two-factor authentication tokens has enabled Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) to positively identify field workers by phone during the critical “Red Tagging” process – instantly eliminating 60 percent of associated travel time. LCRA estimates this improved efficiency has saved 450 worker hours per year, which represents a project payback time of seven months.

With approximately 2,200 employees, Central Texas-based LCRA generates and delivers electricity, provides water supplies and flood protection, and manages the waters of the lower Colorado River basin. LCRA’s “Red Tagging” or Lockout/Tagout procedure ensures all equipment at the Fayette Power Project’s (FPP) three coal-fired generating units is safely shut down – to prevent accidental release of stored energy – before maintenance staff begin servicing machinery.

“Since equipment can contain stored electrical energy, air, water pressure, or super-heated steam flowing through piping (often at temperatures above 1000 degrees), Lockout/Tagout is a very serious and meticulous process,” said Virginia Moreno, Senior Safety Representative, LCRA.

Pegasus Technologies, LLC