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Thornberry to integrate Passfaces patented authentication

WASHINGTON -- Passfaces Corporation and Thornberry Ltd. today announced a strategic partnership agreement under which Thornberry Ltd. will integrate Passfaces patented authentication product into its existing information management software to enable healthcare clients to further strengthen HIPAA privacy and security requirements by augmenting existing passwords. The terms of this agreement allow Passfaces to be built into the Thornberry NDocR information management system to better protect sensitive patient information on desktops and laptops via local networks and the web.

"It is imperative for our customers to not only comply with HIPAA requirements but to also ensure that private patient data remains secure. In light of recent news reports of missing and stolen laptops containing sensitive data this capability becomes critical to ensuring that level of security and privacy," said Tom Peth, CEO Thornberry Ltd. "The introduction of universal electronic health records and the need for secure web access to health portals by clinicians and patients is an additional reason we selected Passfaces technology. A range of telehealth integration options from NDoc provides homecare agencies with the ability to capture the most up-to-date patient information possible from virtually any telemonitoring equipment on the market, enabling telehealth data to flow seamlessly into NDoc's point-of-care software. Again we needed to provide our customers with the built in confidence that any data in the NDoc electronic medical record is safe."

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