ParadigmHealth, Passfaces Unite

Passfaces announced that ParadigmHealth will incorporate their authentication technology into its Integrated Care Management offering

ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- Passfaces Corporation today announced that ParadigmHealth, a leading Specialty Care Management company that provides onsite management services for clinically complex patients, will incorporate Passfaces authentication technology into its Integrated Care Management offering which supports major health plans and connects remote care management staff. Passfaces will provide remote and secure single sign on capabilities for the numerous locations that require access to protected systems and networks and further ParadigmHealth's longstanding track record of exceeding industry privacy and security standards.

"ParadigmHealth was an early innovator of website security and authentication- evidenced by our patented privacy model, Universal Anonymous IdentificationT, and early adoption of the Privacy Certification Program for Business Associates (PCBA) standards," said Tom Hagan, ParadigmHealth CIO. "Security and data privacy remain our focus, but now with Passfaces we are also highlighting the importance of increasing ease of use. Passfaces fully addresses the authentication requirements for the large-scale deployment of Personal Health Records."

Passfaces is an innovative technology that provides strong authentication that is effortless for users. The software is based on cognometrics, or the mind's natural ability to remember faces. The software assigns users Passfaces that are then used to gain access to protected systems. Passfaces quickly and easily integrates into any web application currently using passwords. This approach dramatically reduces the implementation time as well as the cost typically required for increased authentication security. Passfaces offers a range of products designed to work in a number of operating environments.

"The ideal strong authentication solution must balance the needs and requirements of end users while providing effective security based on what is at risk," said Paul Barrett, CEO of Passfaces. "ParadigmHealth is well ahead of the game by selecting this innovative authentication product to continue to keep its confidential data secured.

"ParadigmHealth will continue to lead the way in specialty healthcare management and will be seen as a leader in terms of implementing technology that protects clients' confidentiality. We look forward to a strong working relationship with this healthcare leader," added Barrett.

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