Ounce Labs Records Record Sales

Success resulted from continued enterprise customer adoption of its application security solution

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Ounce Labs(TM), the industry leader in software risk analysis, today announced record sales and revenue for 2007 resulting from continued enterprise customer adoption of its application security solution. The company reported that Q4 2007 was the eighth consecutive quarter of record sales and this quarterly growth has contributed to 300 percent revenue growth for all of 2007. New customer demand and continual increases in existing customer sales to expand their use of Ounce's source code analysis solution by new teams or divisions has contributed to Ounce's overall success in 2007.

"As our 2007 sales and growth reflects, application security is being recognized by organizations as a top security issue. Leading organizations from diverse industries are deploying our solutions to address this key issue and to increase the security of their applications," said Hugh Scandrett, CEO of Ounce Labs. "Many of our customers became repeat customers last year simply because our solution is providing significant value through unsurpassed workflow automation and usable business-level information for every security stakeholder in the organization."

Ounce Labs' exceptional growth and continuing momentum is mirrored by the growing awareness that application security is of critical importance to organizations concerned with data privacy and operational integrity. Governmental and industry regulatory compliance mandates and growing pressure to secure personal and financial data is escalating application security to a top-level enterprise priority. As a result, industry analysts are increasingly recommending that organizations implement application security into the application life cycle.

"You can wait until someone exploits vulnerability in your system and fix it, or you can proactively build security early on in your development process -- mitigating vulnerabilities before attackers find them," says Dr. Chenxi Wang in her Forrester Research report titled "Managing Application Security from Beginning to End." The report states, "A proactive application security program should extend to every relevant phase of the application life cycle, from conception to operation."

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