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Ounce Labs Announces Record 2008 Growth

Growth fueled by new pricing model for Ounce 6, the company's static application security testing solution
WALTHAM, Mass. — February 3, 2009 — Ounce Labs, the industry leader in enterprise static application security testing (SAST), announced a surge in growth with a revenue increase of 195 percent in 2008 over 2007. Continued customer adoption and expansion of existing customer installations contributed to Ounce's success in 2008, while in the second half of 2008 the growth was further fueled by the company's new pricing model which lowers the traditionally high entry-point for static application security testing.

"We grew by nearly three times over our revenue growth in 2007. That, coupled with bookings growth of 98 percent in the second half compared to the first half of 2008, is a testament to the growing awareness that organizations need to minimize and control risk through static application security testing," said Ounce Labs' CEO, Gary Jackson.

Ounce Labs' exceptional growth can be attributed to the growing importance of application security to organizations concerned with data privacy and operational integrity. Application security is quickly escalating as a top-level enterprise priority as the pressure to secure personal and financial data becomes increasingly important and as organizations realize that software is the underpinning and transport medium of this data. "The impact " financial, operational, and brand-related " of a data protection failure is weighing on the minds of many executives. As companies pull the reins back on spending, it's apparent that application security remains somewhat insulated. Once you know how vulnerable you are, it's hard to ignore the problem. The risk and costs associated with breaches is too great for companies to bear in this type of economic environment when everyone's brand needs to be safeguarded to assure future revenue streams. Ounce's continued success is directly attributable to our commitment of making application security available to every organization, and is further ensured by providing our customers with the most cost-effective solution for ensuring applications are secure and minimizing their security risk exposure," added Jackson.

"Proactively building security into applications as they are being developed can save a tremendous amount of resources when compared to fixing errors after applications have been deployed. More importantly, there has been a significant increase in financially-motivated attacks at the application level. As awareness of this changing threat environment grows, so will the market for automated source code analysis tool," says VP and Gartner Fellow, Neil MacDonald.

Ounce 6, Ounce Labs' flagship product, is the only comprehensive, enterprise static application security testing (SAST) solution that meets the demands of today's enterprises committed to eliminating business-critical vulnerabilities in software. It scans code quickly and delivers actionable information across customers' application portfolios down to individual lines of vulnerable code. Right out of the box, Ounce quickly delivers report cards, detailed metrics, and remediation advice that provide appropriate insight to eliminate application vulnerabilities.

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