Osborne Endorses CryptoCard

CryptoCard has been endorsed in Mark Osborne's 'How to Cheat at Managing Information Security'

LONDON and OTTAWA -- CRYPTOCard (, the leading authentication technology developer for heterogeneous environments, has been endorsed in Mark Osborne’s “How to Cheat at Managing Information Security” for making it simple to integrate “One-Time Password” authentication tokens with existing PSTN, SSL VPN, and IPsec VPN systems.

“System security can only be guaranteed if each individual user can be positively identified, and CRYPTOCard is proud that to be recognized in such an excellent IT security resource for making it simple to integrate authentication technology within a complete end-to-end security solution,” commented Jason Hart, CEO, CRYPTOCard. “CRYPTOCard believes in providing simple and cost-effective authentication solutions for the real world, and in the real world organizations simply cannot afford to purchase technology that cannot be easily integrated with existing systems.”

Published by Syngress, “How to Cheat at Managing Information Security” is the only book that provides a solid understanding of all major security issues and products required by an IT manager responsible for securing any sized organization from small office environments to enterprise networks. Mark Osborne’s endorsement of CRYPTOCard for making it easy to integrate one-time password authentication technology with legacy systems mirrors a recent Butler Group report that commended CRYPTOCard for making it simple and cost-effective to eliminate easily-hacked static passwords.

“CRYPTOCard’s service delivery model, which is driven by the provision and management of strong, two-factor authentication, has to be attractive for any organization that recognizes it is time to improve its identity management game plan,” said Andrew Kellett, Senior Research Analyst, Butler Group. “CRYPTOCard enables organizations to deploy a two-factor authentication model that is straightforward, cost effective, and easily tailored to meet individual requirements.”

Developed to meet real-world requirements – where Linux and Mac workstations often live in a mixed Microsoft Windows domain, with Windows clients and Apache or IIS Web servers – CRYPTOCard’s event-based two-factor authentication tokens make it simple and cost effective to eliminate weak static passwords by generating a random password for every logon attempt. One-time passwords cannot be reused by hackers and do not need to be memorized by users – eliminating the help-desk costs associated with resetting forgotten passwords, and the security risk resulting from users writing them down.

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