OmniKey Joins TeleTrust

Omnikey, an Assa Abloy Identification Technologies company, joins TeleTrusT e.V

ERFURT, Germany -- OMNIKEY, an Assa Abloy Identification Technologies (ITG) company, strengthens TeleTrusT e.V. with competence in secure identification. The association, founded to promote trust in information and communication technology, leverages the pooled expertise and the resources of its more than ninety members from business, administration and science in order to develop and deploy secure applications for electronic business processes.

With OMNIKEY, TeleTrusT wins one of the three leading vendors of smart card readers as a member that contributes its many years of experience in the field of identification technology. “With this know-how, OMNIKEY strengthens in particular TeleTrusT’s Workgroup 2, which carries out research projects for electronic identity, the protection against its misuse and the safeguarding of privacy,” explains Professor Reimer, Managing Director of TeleTrusT. As of today, electronic identification is mostly discussed in the context of online banking, electronic commerce in general and the health card.

Uwe Schnabel, Technical Director of OMNIKEY, expects valuable input for further developments from the collaboration within TeleTrusT. “In this association, we are at the source of information and hot topics and also benefit from the direct sharing of ideas with other organizations,” explains Schnabel. In our fast-paced time, where technological know-how is rather short-lived, a working network is an invaluable market advantage, he said.

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