Olmstead Integrates Passfaces

RC Olmstead selects Passfaces strong authentication solution

ANAPOLIS, Md. -- Passfaces Corporation and R.C. Olmstead announce today a strategic partnership that will offer the integration of Passfaces strong authentication technology into the R.C. Olmstead data processing program, a powerful and flexible data processing system that is used by credit unions nationwide. This integration will provide R.C. Olmstead clients with enhanced authentication capabilities that meet the recent guidance put forth by the FFIEC.

"As we continue to focus on the needs of our current RCO1 users and prepare for launching our new RCO2 WindowsR operating system for credit unions, we were determined to offer the best in strong authentication technology. Our clients need to be able to meet FFIEC guidelines for authentication, and part of that rests on our ability to provide them with a strong authentication solution that is easy for their customers to use, but that is also powerful and that provides consumer roll out programs. Passfaces meets all those needs", said Denny Gillott, vice president of sales, R.C. Olmstead. "Passfaces offering includes the critical end user education program that ensures consumer uptake. We are excited about this partnership as this technology will solve an urgent need for our clients by providing a secure solution that end users will enjoy using."

Passfaces is an innovative, patented strong authentication technology that leverages the brain's innate cognitive ability to recognize human faces - a powerful and completely intuitive skill. Passfaces authenticates the person, rather than a device or piece of software and cannot be forgotten, lost or easily stolen. The technology meets all requirements for consumer authentication - security, usability, reliability, portability, manageability and low cost - providing a highly reliable strong authentication solution that builds customer confidence while supporting the business risk management objectives specified by the FFIEC. The Passfaces software includes a Software Developer Kit for easy server integration, customizable user interfaces, and a Passfaces Library. It includes Phishing Defense features that raise the bar on defending against illegal attacks designed to obtain customers' personal data.

"R.C. Olmstead has taken both a proactive and layered approach to security that will satisfy their customer's needs," said Paul Barrett, CEO of Passfaces. "R.C. Olmstead's customers can now achieve optimal security while enjoying a flexible solution that fits the widest range of customer needs and preferences. We are excited about this partnership, and see R.C. Olmstead as a great addition to our Partner Program," added Barrett.

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