Nation's largest transportation agency chooses Mirage Networks to protect its automated train network

AUSTIN, Texas -- Mirage Networks, developer of the only patented Network Access Control (NAC) solution, today announced that New York City Transit (NYCT) will deploy Mirage’s NAC solution to secure its automated train network. NYCT is North America’s largest transportation agency serving approximately seven million passengers per day.

NYCT is transitioning from manual train control to a computerized system. This system, also known as communication-based train control, is an automated control system for railways that ensures the safe operation of rail vehicles using data communication between various control entities. The system requires absolute security for the safety of passengers as well as maintenance and construction crews. NYCT selected Mirage Networks to provide authentication of NYCT’s distributed employees and contractors, scanning of network resources for compliance with policy, enhanced network visibility and robust policy enforcement. By ensuring the right people with network-compliant assets can access NYCT’s resources securely and effectively, Mirage’s NAC solution will provide increased network productivity and improved transportation.

Mirage Networks enables more effective business communications, safeguarding networks from threats by providing full-cycle Network Access Control. Mirage’s NAC technology can effectively ensure network compliance by allowing only authorized endpoints to access the network and monitoring all network traffic, all the time. Mirage is a network-based solution that requires no agent software, works in any infrastructure and deploys “virtually inline.”

“With a network infrastructure that supports more than 2.4 billion commuter trips annually, New York City Transit required a comprehensive and scalable NAC solution that deploys quickly and can handle any network device,” said Greg Stock, president and CEO of Mirage Networks. “Only by ensuring every network asset complies with security policy before and after network access is given can organizations realize the true power of full-cycle network access control. We are pleased to add NYCT to our list of premier customers that recognize NAC is the evolution of network security.”

Mirage Networks