Products & Releases Announces Launch Of Mac Security Software Category

Norton Internet Security 5 For Mac came out on top
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --, a leading consumer and small business information website, announced today the launch of its new Mac Internet security software category, providing in-depth, independent reviews and comparisons of the best security software suites for Mac OS X. NextAdvisor's editors downloaded and tested the top security software to determine which provided the best value and what users can expect from each. Norton Internet Security 5 For Mac came out on top for its ability to offer top-notch protection while at the same time not slowing users' computers down.

Historically, Apple's Mac has been known to be one of the safest and most secure operating systems when it comes to viruses and malware. But times have changed and Macs are becoming more and more susceptible to a wide range of malicious software. Apple even changed their marketing language recently to acknowledge that Macs are more vulnerable now to virus and malware attacks.

Luckily, the new threats to Macs have also spawned new security software specifically designed for the Mac.

"As Apple becomes more popular, their products are going to become a bigger target for hackers and cyber-criminals," said's Director of Content, Jeff Hindenach. "It's no longer a guarantee that your Mac will be safe from the malware and virus issues that plague PC users."

NextAdvisor reviewed the top Mac security software suites based on protection, price, performance and ease of use. The reviewers downloaded and installed each of the software suites on their test Mac computer and did a series of virus and malware tests, both from PC-based and Mac-based viruses and malware. They also administered performance tests to see if the software suites slowed down their computers.

The Mac security software suites that NextAdvisor reviewed included Norton, Kaspersky, Eset, McAfee, BitDefender and Avast!.

"Many of these software suites for the Mac have technology that will help identify new viruses and malware that are specific to the Mac," says Hindenach. "While these new threats to Macs increase, the top software suites will be the ones that lead the charge on developing the best protection for Mac computers while not slowing down overall system performance."

You can read NextAdvisor's full Mac Internet Security Software reviews here:

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