Next-Gen IE, Firefox Bolster Security

The next versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox will offer better protection against malware, its makers say.Microsoft's IE 8, available in beta, improves upon its Safety Filter feature that, in addition to already blocking known phishing sites, now also safeguards against sites known to contain malicious software that could harm users? computers or steal their information.

Mozilla's Firefox 3, also in beta, warns users when they arrive at sites that are known to install viruses, spyware, trojans or other malware, according to the company.

Browsers with better security is good news for SMBs, many of which don't have the manpower or budget to properly protect their businesses from hackers. To wit, according to the Small Business Technology Institute, one in five small companies has inadequate malware protection, the majority have no security policies, and many create a response plan only after disaster strikes.CNET