Newest Website Certification Label Is e-Icon

New internet trust mark certification makes onliners relax; Los Angeles company to eliminate e-fears

CHATSWORTH, Calif. -- With the launch of their brand new Trust Mark Certification Program - e-icon™ - this Los Angeles based company wants to put faith and confidence back into online experiences – shopping in particular. “A few Trust Mark companies are already out there, but the majority of them don’t seem to be too detail oriented during the selection process when processing new Trust Mark applicants,” says Soren Grau, Managing Member and Founder of Coming from a long background of eCommerce, Soren Grau knows what he is talking about.

Originally the architect behind Northern Europe’s largest eCommerce software solution and a consultant to large Scandinavian Telecommunication Companies, Soren Grau has been preaching Internet ethics and compliance for the last decade. “In many aspects, Europe is ahead of us when it comes to online shopping, ethics, credit card processing methods, return polices, etc. For various reasons, things are not quite as transparent here in the US but, by adding some simple guidelines and values to a concept, this can be turned around very quickly.” e-icon™ is adding these guidelines and values with the release of the new Trust Mark Certification Program.

By melting the best of these guidelines and values from both continents together, they come up with a very tight product which is available for much less than what the rest of the Trust Mark Industry is offering it at. This company is keeping it simple; one Trust Mark packed with basically everything the online visitor is interested in knowing – including background verification. “Other products in our portfolio include security certification of financial institutions, insurance companies and the pharmaceutical/health care sector,” says Soren Grau, “These products are unique and brand new and will take online “feel-good” to a whole new level.” Soren Grau continues, “We are running a business which we predict will take over a large part of this particular market – the Trust Market – but it is also a personal mission for me to put feelings of security back in the Internet and not profit greatly from peoples’ fears and insecurity,” he emphasizes.