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New SecureTower 2.2 Data Leak Prevention Software Helps Companies Control IM Traffic

Solution implements interception and control over the information transferred via XMPP protocol, also known as Jabber
The new SecureTower version 2.2 features XMPP (previously known as Jabber) protocol control, search engine enhancements and numerous improvements to the application interface.

The new version of the software DLP solution SecureTower 2.2 implements interception and control over the information transferred via XMPP protocol, also known as Jabber. It is used in multiple popular IMs, such as Miranda, Google Talk, AIM, Trillian, PSI and many others. The expanded list of protocols controlled by the system ensures more reliable protection from the internal threads of data loss in a company.

The new SecureTower 2.2 has a significantly reworked appearance with improved ergonomics of the user interface. Namely, the program suggests more visual tools for opening files of unknown format in external applications. The Security Center component used for configuring data security rules and instant alerts on security policy breaches has been enhanced with new functions to make the interface more user-friendly.

The system module responsible for controlling data leaks in huge arrays of intercepted data has also been upgraded substantially. Due to the optimized search engine, the process of information retrieval got faster, and the relevance of the search results increased.

Moreover, the newly added function of data control by digital “fingerprints” of certain documents or document arrays, as well as database contents, has also been updated. The modifications improved the reliability and efficiency of this data processing technology.

SecureTower is not just a standard application, but a multicomponent system integrated into a corporate network, which allows:

  • complete control over data leaks through maximum possible ways (e-mail, popular instant messengers, Skype, social networks, blogs and forums, FTP traffic, SSL traffic, external devices and printers, etc.);
  • monitoring of the users’ network activity;
  • assessing the efficiency of corporate resource management by the employees;
  • creating a uniform archive of corporate communication.

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