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New Privacy, Security, Anti-Tracking Software For Internet Explorer

Cocoon prevents computer from directly touching the Internet
Santa Barbara, Calif. (Feb. 2, 2012) – Today Virtual World Computing launched the Cocoon Internet privacy and security software for the Internet Explorer browser. Internet Explorer users can easily download the free plug-in, which instantly provides users with greater privacy protection, security and convenience when surfing the Web. Cocoon works by securely connecting over any network to Cocoon’s servers, providing enterprise-grade virus protection and encrypting all interactions preventing man-in- the-middle attacks.

“Today’s digital lifestyle has us connected to the Internet from a variety of devices and locations,” said Vernon Irvin, CEO of Virtual World Computing. “Cocoon provides secure connections to the Internet even on public WiFi and prevents you or your children from accidently downloading harmful viruses or being tracked by unwanted advertisers."

The Cocoon software has taken online security and privacy to a new level by preventing your computer from directly touching the Internet. Your privacy is protected because websites and advertisers only see Cocoon servers, hiding your unique IP address and preventing your online activity from being tracked by cookies. Unlike traditional anti-virus software, Cocoon prevents malicious software and virus downloads by instantly scanning files for viruses before they reach your computer. Additionally, Cocoon offers disposable email addresses for each service you choose to sign-up for, protecting personal email boxes from spam and phishing attacks.

For more information, or to download Cocoon for Internet Explorer or Firefox, please visit

About Cocoon:

Cocoon’s Digital Protection Cloud™ secures your online privacy and keeps you safe from predators with a unique combination of data encryption and filtering technologies accessible from any device. Cocoon’s Triple Play Digital Protection™ keeps you safe from viruses, theft and tracking by filtering all your Internet browsing through your own private, secure online cloud.

Virtual World Computing (VWC), creator of Cocoon, was founded in 2008 and is dedicated to creating a safe and private Internet experience.