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New Global Privacy Network Marks New Dawn For The Internet

idcloak Technologies network is built from VPN tunneling technology
DALLAS, Oct. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- After four years' development, idcloak Technologies launches its high-speed global privacy network which, if adopted widely, the firm claims will free the Internet of surveillance, censorship and georestrictions.

"The Internet is currently less private, less safe and less free than at any stage in its development as a medium," says idcloak's senior web researcher, Terence Shull. "Transiting data is routinely tapped or stolen, access is restricted, and whole nations are discriminated against. But, like tired parents, we accept what we've brought into the world rather than try to turn things around."

The privacy network is built from VPN tunneling technology, essentially creating a virtual Internet over the top of the actual web. Users of the network interact with the Internet as usual but all their activity is encrypted, anonymous and unhitched from their actual location.

"If a large portion of the global online population accessed the web through our privacy network, the Internet could still be what we hoped it would be: less the domain of governments, corporations and criminals and more a safe, functional medium for the people," says Shull. "For one, hackers would be denied a large portion of their toolkit – no WiFi sniffing, sidejacking, waterholing or other targeted attacks of individuals or companies. Government surveillance and censorship would also be sidelined by the ubiquitous encryption and anonymity, while corporations would be forced to offer the same prices and services to every customer wherever they were based.

"People seem to have forgotten this was how the world wide web was supposed to be."

To preempt any comparison with the infamous TOR network, Shull was quick to underline the differences of the idcloak network: "For one, we are a good deal faster than TOR; we use the subscription fees to deliver speeds as close to ISP standard as possible. But also our network remains fully answerable to local laws, so we cannot be accused of providing a safe haven for criminal activity. We believe we can offer dependable privacy and anonymity without opening ourselves up to the blackguarding TOR has suffered over the years."

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