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New App Delivers Dynamic Security Content

Secure Elements announces C5 content platform

HERNDON, Va. -- Secure Elements, the industry leader in standards-based IT audit and compliance management, today announced the development of the C5 Content Platform. Derived from more than three years of research and development involving management of thousands of semantically related XML documents, the C5 Content Platform provides a feature rich environment for organizations responsible for managing and disseminating a diverse set of XML-based security documents. The solution manages content from inception and can retrieve/import content from authoritative sources with features for editing, versioning, and dependency checking. It also enables users to publish the content via WS-I compliant web services for use across or within enterprises.

Initial content support includes NIST SCAP compliant data formats as well as commonly used commercial threat alert services that are used as part of our nation’s critical infrastructure protection initiatives. Targeted use cases at the federal level include environments such as the DoD IAVM processes, DISA STIG authoring/conversion initiatives, and other federal automation initiatives where an agency represents an authoritative source of these XML documents. Use cases in the commercial sector include security and software vendors that provide security content to their customers/subscribers. Additionally, any large public or private sector enterprise with a decentralized IT infrastructure will find this level of visibility, automation, and control extremely valuable.

“Secure Elements has led the industry in authoring and managing complex NIST SCAP compliant documents in support of several U.S. Federal Government initiatives,” commented Ned Miller, CEO of Secure Elements. “With the introduction of the C5 Content Platform we quickly broaden the nature of the solutions possible – and accelerate agencies’ abilities to automate additional aspects of their business processes and activities for these specialized content initiatives.”

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