NetPro Ships AD Log Tool

NetPro Computing announced the general availability of LogADmin 2.0, its new event log consolidation, analysis and storage solution for Windows

PHOENIX -- NetPro Computing, Inc., a leading provider of distributed services management software, today announced the general availability of LogADmin 2.0, its revolutionary new event log consolidation,

analysis and storage solution for Windows. The new product, which introduces

ground-breaking indexing, searching and reporting capabilities, is the second NetPro solution to leverage Enterprise Server, NetPro's service oriented architecture (SOA) foundation. LogADmin 2.0 is available today.

NetPro's LogADmin provides a secure, long-term archiving environment for Windows event log consolidation, allowing administrators to find and analyze

key event data for faster and more intelligent decision making and compliance. LogADmin leapfrogs traditional native event log tools by providing instant access to indexed event details - from server name to number of events in a log - quickly, clearly and concisely. Further, LogADmin enables users to sort, filter, view, and compare specific events based on key criteria and leverage its robust reporting engine to turn raw event log data into information-rich reports for regulatory compliance and management. Through unprecedented indexing and searching capabilities that complete in minutes, LogADmin eliminates the cumbersome data mining exercises that can take hours or days, putting LogADmin in a league by itself when compared with manual or third-party alternatives.

"Pinpointing a single specific event amid months of data and thousands of lines of code is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack," said Brad Hibbert. "LogADmin not only enables event log consolidation and storage, it puts simple-as-Windows-Vista Search capability at the users' fingertips and eliminates all the painful manual dredging."

NetPro Computing Inc.

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