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Mocana Rolls Out Software, Services For Securing 'The Internet Of Things'

Mocana Security DetailT comprises four comprehensive security suites
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 21, 2012 - Mocana, a leader in smart device security, today introduced Mocana Security DetailT, four comprehensive security suites that comprise software, services, warranties and support tailored to help device OEMs developing Android, industrial control and smart grid applications create safer, more secure products for the Internet of Things. Security Detail suites help organizations protect against today's threats and prepare for the evolving threats of tomorrow by including the necessary security software, training and support to meet or exceed the most important industry and government security guidelines.

Mocana Security Detail takes a complete, holistic approach to security for device OEMs. Each suite includes security software, training and support services, security breach management and exclusive access to security experts and IP, including:

. Embedded security software to help meet current and future industry guidelines, such as NIST 800-82, ISA99, NISTIR 7628, NERC/CIP and FIPS 140-2; . Assistance with security integration, training and sales/marketing enablement; . Financial protection and expert guidance in the event of a security breach; . Early access to new technologies, including device security management services; and . Exclusive access to the Amphion Forum and Mocana Product Advisory Board.

"The Internet of Things economy is a $1 trillion opportunity that has become increasingly susceptible to unintentional disruptions and targeted security attacks by disgruntled employees, malicious intruders, hostile governments and terrorist groups, but grappling with implementation, changing threat models, industry compliance and internal expertise is a challenge for most OEMs," said Mike Siegel, vice president of products at Mocana. "Mocana Security Detail suites have been specifically tailored to provide 360-degree protection from threats of today and evolving security needs of tomorrow for Android, industrial control and smart grid OEMs, and we have created the Amphion Forum events to give industry participants the opportunity to share solutions and best practices they've discovered. By entrusting their security needs to Mocana, OEMs can focus on their core business and address new opportunities."

Mocana Security Detail suites take advantage of the FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated cryptography and operating system and CPU-independent architecture Mocana has developed, allowing for maximum coverage across device types and businesses. Security Detail suites are ideal for organizations supporting different device environments that require cross-company standardization, or those that have a standardized operating platform.

Security threats to the Internet of Things are steadily increasing, making it more difficult for device OEMs to focus on their core value. Device manufacturers, service providers, application developers and end customers across a wide range of industries are all susceptible to malicious cyber attacks, which can compromise safety, increase operational costs, expose sensitive data and tarnish the brand reputation of affected companies.

Ever-changing security standards and compliance requirements are forcing OEMs to reallocate valuable resources away from core product development to trying to understand security. This not only imposes a business risk, but makes security implementation a bottleneck to generating new revenue.

Now, OEMs can be confident that with Mocana as a trusted security partner and the Security Detail suites, they can design-in appropriate security features, complying with industry security guidelines and improve overall security confidence to help protect against the threats of today and the evolving security needs of tomorrow.

Security Detail suites are based on the Mocana Smart Device Security PlatformT (SDSP), an extensible software and services framework that secures all aspects of data and communications for any connected device. For complete details on the new Security Detail offering, please visit

Availability and Pricing Mocana Security Detail suites for Android, industrial and smart grid OEMs is available now. Additional Security Detail suites are in development. For pricing information, please contact Mocana at [email protected]

About Amphion Forum Mocana's Amphion Forum brings together device security experts from academia, business, government and technology to discuss the threats and opportunities presented by the unprecedented proliferation of connected devices that are creating the emerging Internet of Things. The goal of the event is to have these thought leaders share solutions and best practices they've discovered to address the persistent mobile vulnerabilities and device security problems that increasingly threaten critical infrastructure and national security. The next event is scheduled for June 27 in Washington, D.C. For information, see:

About Mocana Launched in 2004 and recognized by the World Economic Forum as a 2012 Technology Pioneer, Mocana provides the only device-independent security platform that secures all aspects of mobile and smart connected devices, as well as the apps and services that run on them. Mocana's solutions dramatically increase confidence and compliance for the enterprise, OEMs, service providers and their customers. Millions of people use products sold by the more than 200 companies that rely on Mocana's solutions, including Cisco, Honeywell, Dell GE and General Dynamics, as well as four of the top five Android handset makers. For more information, visit