Mirage Networks Releases NAC

Mirage Networks announced a new appliance that brings complete NAC coverage to organizations with the smallest of remote and branch offices

AUSTIN, Texas -- Mirage Networks, developer of full-cycle Network Access Control (NAC) solutions, today announced the introduction of a new appliance that brings complete NAC coverage to organizations with the smallest of remote and branch offices. This new appliance, the N-120, integrates into a larger NAC security fabric, extending Mirage’s centralized policy management to all corners of the network. Mirage cites the small, remote office as an organizational component that NAC deployments commonly neglect. Because of this, these offices are at an extremely high risk of offering an entry point for malware into a private network.

This extension in coverage allows organizations with small, distributed offices to leverage the same NAC policy and enforcement Mirage Networks developed and patented for large enterprises. Mirage Endpoint Control gives organizations total control over who is on the network, what is on the network, and how endpoints behave once they’re on the network, and can restrict access to any device that violates defined policy. The process delivers a comprehensive, full-cycle NAC solution. Mirage requires no agents to deploy, no signatures to rollout, no inline devices to install and no switch integration or upgrades.

“Mirage Networks developed this new appliance to address the realities of geographically dispersed businesses,” said Greg Stock, president and CEO of Mirage Networks. “IT managers often grapple with securing networks of remote offices, sometimes distributed globally. Mirage offers a new solution to roll these offices into a single NAC security fabric. Now we can help organizations take their NAC deployments all the way out to the most remote endpoints in a cost-effective way. We’re solving real world problems, which is what makes Mirage Networks a global leader in network security solutions.”

Mirage Networks

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