Microsoft, Partners Pitch In On Super Bowl Security

A collaboration platform combines SharePoint, mapping software, and analysis capabilities to let law-enforcement agencies in Miami share information in real time.
Law-enforcement officials will have help keeping Super Bowl attendees in Miami safe using collaboration technology from Microsoft and its partners.

The system, called Project Dolphin, will let officials collect information from different law-enforcement agencies, including the Miami-Dade Police Department, during Sunday's event and share and analyze that information in real time.

Project Dolphin combines tools from Microsoft, ESRI, GuideSTAR Technologies, and Analyst International Corp (AIC). The system comprises Fusion Core Solution, developed by Microsoft and ESRI, which uses Microsoft's SharePoint Server with ESRI's ArcGIS 9.3.1 server and GuideSTAR's investigative and intelligence analysis tool, GS/1.

Different public-safety organizations will be keeping track of security at Super Bowl XLIV, and the data they collect is stored in their own systems. Fusion Core brings that information together into one system, enabling authorized personnel to exchange documents, information, and alerts securely.

Authorities can view information geospatially using ESRI's visualization and mapping technology, while other software enables analysis of the information gathered.

Miami-Dade Police, the eighth largest law-enforcement agency in the U.S., will be using the Project Dolphin software with its own IT system, which is already quite sophisticated, Microsoft said.

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