Microsoft Beefs Up Security For IE 8 Beta 2

When Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 debuts next month, it will include a raft of new or upgraded security features designed to safeguard against malware, phishing and scripting attacks.Among the enhancements--most of which require systems to be running Windows Vista SP1 or XP SP3--is a set of cross-site scripting defenses that protect against reflection attacks, which enable hackers to make off with data by tricking their target during the authentication process. Microsoft is also upgrading IE 7's phishing filter with a SmartScreen Filter that, like the most recent versions of the Opera and Firefox browsers, protects against malware. Other new browser features include added levels of security for ActiveX controls and Data Execution Prevention to help mitigate memory-related attacks.

Interestingly, Microsoft's security announcement comes a day after a new report that found IE to be the least-patched browser.CNET, InformationWeek