Med Data Providers in Pact

MedicAlert will make's advanced digitized record keeping services available to its millions of members

LOS ANGELES --, the state-of-the-art online provider of consumer-controlled medical records and vital document storage, and MedicAlert, the leader in Personal Health Records and provider of critical medical information in emergencies, have signed an agreement whereby MedicAlert will make's advanced digitized record keeping services available to its millions of members.

President Bush has made it a national priority for Americans to have electronic health records by 2014 and it is one of the few issues that receives bipartisan support from both parties in the House and Senate.

In teaming up with, MedicAlert will be offering its members an enhanced online emergency medical information service that provides secure and easy access to a MedicAlert member's actual important medical records and vital documents in one place from any Internet-connected computer using proprietary technology that exceeds HIPAA guidelines for safety and security.

" shares MedicAlert's commitment to saving lives and reducing medical costs through technology. Having immediate online access to comprehensive medical information in an emergency does just that," said Robert H. Lorsch, Chairman and CEO of "In fact, a recent Rand study projected that the move towards health IT from paper-based systems can reduce healthcare costs by more than $180 billion annually and eliminate as many as 75,000 deaths per year caused by medical errors."

"Our members are our paramount concern at MedicAlert, and we are committed to their safety," said Paul Kortschak, President and CEO of MedicAlert. "Our enhanced service offerings in partnership with will empower health care consumers and medical professionals by facilitating access to vital medical records that previously were in a paper format." technology enables MedicAlert members to have an up-to-date digitized copy of their health records, their complete "health story," immediately available to them, including patient charts, doctor's notes, lab reports, prescriptions, immunization records, X-rays, and other medical images. The system even stores veterinary records for pets. also provides a virtual safe deposit box for all kinds of other vital documents that organizations such as the Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommend be kept in a secure yet portable location, including birth certificates, passports, living wills, powers of attorney, insurance policies and financial records, and photos of family, pets and property.

The service will be branded as a premium offering under the respected world famous MedicAlert brand. As part of the service offering, MedicAlert members will be assigned a personal local or toll-free "lifeline" telephone number that also serves as his or her User ID. Users can transmit their entire medical file by fax to their lifeline number or file upload to an account where the documents are immediately received, digitized and converted to a PDF format and the subscriber is automatically notified by e-mail, text message or pager of the new record. This means that a lifetime of paper records can be transferred to a member's personal health record and be accessible anywhere in the world 24 hours a day from any Internet-connected computer.

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