Malware Goes Local: Report

Malware authors are drilling down their attacks to local markets, taking note of the types of applications users prefer -- and then targeting them.In its "One Internet, Many Worlds" report released today, McAfee says cybercriminals are tailoring their attacks based on cultural preferences; in China, for example, where online gaming is very popular, password-stealing programs that enable looters to steal virtual goods from gamers' accounts have been an issue. Malware authors are also exploiting the viral nature of Web 2.0, particularly in the United States, the report says.

"Cybercriminals are learning to exploit the cultural uniqueness of computer users around the world," said Joe Telafici, vice president of McAfee Avert Labs, in a statement.

In 2007 malware grew 246 percent over 2006, McAfee says. By year's end, it expects to have identified 750 new pieces of malware.InformationWeek, PR Newswire

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