Lockdown Broadens iNAC

Lockdown Networks announced the expansion of its open iNAC architecture

SEATTLE -- Lockdown Networks, the leading provider of Network Access Control (NAC) solutions that ensure all users and devices on the network comply with security policies, today announced the expansion of its open iNAC® (intelligent NAC) architecture, broadening the scope of its integration with leading security, endpoint and network infrastructure technologies. Through integration with a Foundry-powered infrastructure, Lancope network behavior analysis (NBA) and response technology, New Boundary Technologies automated security policy management solutions, and Safend endpoint security technology, Lockdown will deliver enhanced network security solutions that maximize value to enterprises deploying NAC.

As organizations continue to rely on diverse solutions from multiple vendors to address today's complex threats to the network, they often face the challenging and labor-intensive task of integrating these disparate technologies. The iNAC architecture creates an extensible NAC policy environment that enables a growing number of third-party security and network infrastructure products to collaborate in network access decisions and actions, leveraging NAC's ability to assess endpoint compliance and enforce policy decisions on the network. By sharing data and integrating policies with a broad selection of third-party technologies, Lockdown iNAC provides enterprises with solutions that deliver optimized network security, increased network uptime and a more transparent end-user experience.

"Lockdown delivers an appliance-based NAC solution that uses both agent and agent-less assessment in order to enforce policies across all devices on the network. By focusing on delivering an easily deployed health checking solution, Lockdown addresses one of the major pain points for organizations wanting to deploy a NAC solution," said Robert Ayoub, network security analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "This has significant value for customers, promising to increase security while adding value to associated investments."

Lockdown Networks Inc.

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