Layer 7 Intros SecureSpan XML PIP

Layer 7 Technologies introduces the Securespan XML Policy Integration Point for cross domain solutions

WASHINGTON -- Layer 7 Technologies , a leading provider of XML security and networking solutions for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web 2.0, today announced the general availability of its SecureSpan XML Policy Integration Point (PIP) for Cross Domain Solutions.

The XML Policy Integration Point for Cross Domain Solutions is a turn-key solution that solves integration challenges associated with deploying SOA, Web Services, and Web 2.0 capabilities across classification boundaries. The technology enables government programs to non-invasively integrate XML and Web service applications with existing cross domain solution technologies.

The Layer 7 XML PIP for Cross Domain Solutions uses policy to allow for the integration of one or more cross domain solutions or guards. The XML PIP for Cross Domain Solutions may be installed on the actual guard platform, in the same physical room as the cross domain solution, or it can be deployed to a tactical environment. In all these cases the purpose of the technology is to provide rapid and flexible integration with one or more cross domain solutions based on an administrator-defined set of situational factors and/or message payloads. These include parameters such as bandwidth, service level agreement, location, structured data, office suite files, or encoded images, etc.

“Federal agencies require effective and efficient mechanisms for exchanging information and intelligence data across classification domains. Using net-centric tools helps to maximize resources, streamline operations, and improve data flow from a variety of sources,” said Jim Rice, Director of Federal Sales, Layer 7 Technologies. “To effectively secure the exchange of information across these classification boundaries and support the net-centric operations, agencies must use cross domain solutions that coordinate security and integration policies between interacting domains.”

Layer 7 Technologies Inc.

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