Lancope Intros StealthWatch 5.5

Lancope announced the general availability of StealthWatch System 5.5

ATLANTA -- Lancope, Inc., the provider of StealthWatch, the most widely used network behavior analysis (NBA) and response system, today announced the general availability of StealthWatch System 5.5, which includes Router/Switch Monitoring & Reporting, User Identity Tracking, Point-Of-View™ Technology and the new StealthWatch IDentity-1000 appliance, the first solution to tie network traffic and host behavior directly to user identity. As the leading flow-based solution that delivers cost effective end-to-end network visibility, StealthWatch System 5.5 now enables network engineers and planners to easily streamline security and network operations process, reduce the time and resources allocated to identifying and remediating network events, and eliminate the cost and complexity associated with non-integrated point solutions.

With StealthWatch System 5.5, Lancope also introduces the StealthWatch IDentity-1000 appliance. By automating user identity tracking and tying network events with the actual end user, StealthWatch IDentity-1000 streamlines quarantine and remediation efforts and delivers powerful auditing capabilities for regulatory compliance. This powerful addition to the StealthWatch System delivers the following features:

  • “One-click” user tracking for any network event or suspicious host activity
  • “Automatic identification of individual users and user sessions for greater user accountability and faster, more immediate remediation
  • “Appliance-based, scalable, cost effective, requiring no agent or service
  • “Built-in support for over eight market-leading identity store technologies
  • “Integration with StealthWatch network traffic and security analysis
  • “User tracking leverages NetFlow™ and sFlow®-enabled network infrastructures

“By offering StealthWatch IDentity-1000 appliance, Lancope solidifies its role as the NBA market leader,” said Harland LaVigne, president and CEO of Lancope. “Recognized by Gartner as a veteran NBA solution, the StealthWatch System now includes the addition of StealthWatch IDentity-1000, and continues to provide enterprises with a cost-effective solution for unifying and optimizing security and network operations.”

Lancope Inc.

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