Klocwork Rolls Out Insight

Klocwork Insight delivers innovative, patent-pending technology to empower the developer community

BURLINGTON, Mass. -- Klocwork, Inc., the proven leader in automated source code analysis solutions for mission critical software development, today announced the availability of Klocwork Insight, a major product release that is designed to dramatically change the effectiveness of source code analysis technology.

Klocwork Insight brings the full power of Klocwork’s sophisticated, system-wide source code analysis capabilities to the developer desktop. This patent-pending innovation combines the productivity benefits of fast, local desktop source code analysis with the accuracy of system-wide analysis, transforming source code analysis from a build audit report to a true, developer-support tool.

Klocwork Insight Enables Developers to Check-in Bug Free Code

Software security and quality remain a prevalent concern among today’s enterprises as organizations seek best-of-breed tools to improve their software development life cycle (SDLC). Klocwork Insight provides a breakthrough approach to source code analysis by enabling organizations to find the most complex cross-system bugs right within a developer’s local build, ensuring vulnerabilities and defects are never propagated in the code stream. Klocwork’s industry leading approach to source code analysis enables developers to use an all new collaborative, peer-to-peer environment that provides an up-to-date view of the entire system from their individual workspace.

“There have always been source code analysis tools available that a developer can run on the desktop, but the value of these tools has been limited since they lack the sophisticated system wide context that is required for accurate results,” explains Mike Laginski, Klocwork’s chief executive officer. “Conversely, a solution that only runs at the system level is viewed as an audit tool by developers and doesn’t give them the ability to find and fix problems before they check-in their code. Our customers have asked us to deliver the best-of-both-worlds and Klocwork Insight does just that.”

Klocwork Inc.

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