Izecom, Comodo Team

Izecom and Comodo have teamed up to provide secure authentication for email

AMSTERDAM -- Email Encryption Company Izecom and Internet security and authentication provider Comodo have teamed up to provide secure authentication for email. This collaboration is part of an ongoing relationship that has culminated in a formal partnership that will enable Izecom to incorporate special functions into its products making requesting Comodo certificates even easier than it was before. Izemail Gateway will have the capability of requesting Comodo certificates on the fly so that enterprise customers can procure email certificates effortlessly.

The Izemail Gateway is highly beneficial to large organizations that need personal certificates for all staff, but who do not want to use complex procedures for requesting certificates. Without this solution, obtaining an email certificate is a manual and inefficient process. This involves manual request of a certificate and manual installation of the certificate sometimes requiring the insecure practice of sending private keys over a network. By automating the process directly on the Izemail Gateway, most of the procedure can be automated by a system administrator with a few mouse clicks ensuring private keys remain private.

"Comodo is the second largest certificate provider in the world," said Christine Karman, CEO of Izecom. "With their products, as well as with their experience and knowledge, they are well equipped to provide authentication services to our clients."

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