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InBoxAlarm Features Email Security To Keep Inbox Safe From Intruders

Three incidents and one scenario illustrate the importance of email security
Sarasota, FL (November 7, 2009) - InboxAlarm, a Sarasota based email security company announces features that will keep your inbox safe from intruders.

Over the last year more companies and individuals have moved their data to a cloud storage solution. The move from storing data in a physical location to storing data in the cloud has many advantages but it also creates new risks that have not been addressed by established security companies.

Your email inbox is a gatekeeper of all your other accounts. It is important that you know immediately if you have an issue that might affect them. "We saw the role that your inbox plays in storing your valuable information," Co-founder Janis Krums states, "and thought that there needs to be a solution that could protect and notify someone when a breach occurs."

Three incidents and one scenario stand out; they show perfectly how important email security is:

  • Sarah Palin:

    -- Incident: Personal email account was hacked because of an easy password recovery question.

    -- Result: Embarrassment of a potential Vice President. Personal and confidential data was breached.

  • Twitter:

    -- Incident: A hacker broke into an email account without anyone noticing and started looking for password info for other sites and people.

    -- Result: With days to snoop around he was able to infiltrate the CEO's account and release 310 internal and confidential documents.

  • Phishing Attack:

    -- Incident: Sophisticated phishing scam breached 30,000 email accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail.

    -- Result: Passwords revealed to email accounts, social networks, bank accounts.

  • Who Knows Your Password?

    -- Scenario: How many people have you told your password to? Your Ex? Best Friend? Colleague? You probably have 2 to 3 passwords that you use for everything. How do you know that they are not looking at your confidential information?

    -- Result: Not knowing if you truly have privacy. Having an uneasy feeling that someone is spying on you.

    InboxAlarm is prepared to make sure that you can breath easy again; we have a patent pending technology that will notify you when a breach occurs. In addition, we are adding features that will notify you of potential email scams that could affect you.

    About InboxAlarm:

    Started in July 2009 by Eric Velasquez of San Francisco and Janis Krums of Sarasota. InboxAlarm offers email security solutions, with their unique patent pending technology.

    For more information please contact Janis Krums at (941) 677-8686 or visit

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