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Imprivata has formed a strategic partnership with Tyco Fire & Security and announces the availability of Imprivata OneSign

LEXINGTON, Mass. -- Imprivata®, Inc., the enterprise authentication and access management appliance company, today announced the availability of Imprivata OneSign™ Physical/Logical, a new capability of the OneSign platform that enables organizations to achieve location-based authentication by linking an employee’s physical access authentication event to network and application access. Integrating these two typically distinct security activities in a non-intrusive fashion enables companies to create a single integrated security policy for each employee, from physical building, zone or room access straight through to networks and applications.

Taking converged security significantly further than simply leveraging any building access keycard for Two-Factor network authentication, Imprivata OneSign Physical/Logical allows organizations to grant or refuse network access based on a user’s physical location, organizational role and/or employee status. The card-agnostic approach of Imprivata OneSign Physical/Logical makes it interoperable with companies’ existing physical access systems and card infrastructure, as well as future cards based on emerging requirements such as FIPS 201 for HSPD 12.

Immediate benefits realized include:

  • Enabling the enforcement of company anti-passback/tailgating building access policies;

  • Tightly correlating building, LAN and remote VPN access for a tighter security posture;

  • Providing instant user lock-out from physical facilities and network IT assets simultaneously, as needed; and

  • Providing organizations with easy-to-collect centralized user access reporting to help meet regulatory compliance needs, such as Sarbanes-Oxley or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

“For far too long, building security and network access security have been managed in separate silos—each with their own specific solutions and staffs—and no communication link between them,” said Omar Hussain, president and CEO of Imprivata, Inc. “It is increasingly important that organizations clearly know who is accessing which assets, when and from where—and a single view of credentials across physical and logical systems is the lynchpin to a more secure enterprise.”

In a separate release:

LEXINGTON, Mass. -- Imprivata, Inc., the enterprise authentication and access management appliance company today announced it has formed a strategic partnership with Tyco Fire & Security to provide a seamless Building and IT access solution based on the integration of the Imprivata® OneSign™ authentication and access management platform with Tyco Fire & Security’s Software House® C•CURE® 800/8000 physical access control security system. This provides organizations a comprehensive solution designed to address enterprise security, regulatory compliance and user authentication needs in a security-converged world.

“The developers of our Software House solution have worked with Imprivata for the past year to analyze market needs and requirements, and it is clear that companies are looking to fortify their overall security posture by better bridging physical and logical security systems,” said Don Lyman, vice president of Tyco Fire & Security’s Access Control and Video Systems. “Imprivata’s easy-to-use appliance enables us to address customer needs with an out-of-the-box integrated physical-logical solution that will help transform how security is viewed and executed across an organization.”

Today, independently-managed silos of building and network access create significant holes in a company’s overall security infrastructure, increasing risk and liability exposure to enterprise assets. Companies are searching for solutions that can help them bridge communication between their physical and logical security systems to affect greater overall enterprise security. The combined Imprivata-Software House solution allows a user’s physical location – as determined by the C•CURE 800/8000 system – to be a factor in granting network access privileges. For example, a user is required to badge into the building or a specific location before being granted network and or application access. Location-based authentication ensures that IT resources are being accessed and utilized by authorized users as determined by where they should be, and eliminates the potential for redundant questionable user log-ins from disparate locations. It also enables instant revocation of network access. When a user is removed from the C•CURE® 800/8000 access system, h/she is immediately denied access to network resources, removing latency of de-provisioning currently found between physical access systems and IT directories.

“Tying together a user’s physical location with network access allows businesses to achieve a truly holistic view of their security posture,” said Omar Hussain, president and CEO of Imprivata. “By introducing OneSign Physical/Logical as a purpose-built appliance, companies gain significant value from their existing access infrastructure environments with a solution that is easy-to-use, affordable and doesn’t disrupt users’ existing workflows. Imprivata’s partnership with Tyco Fire & Security brings to market a security solution that will help businesses achieve truly unified physical-logical security practices.”

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