Imperva Monitors Access Methods

Imperva SecureSphere extends database activity monitoring and audit with universal visibility architecture

FOSTER CITY, Calif. -- ImpervaR, the global leader in data security and compliance solutions for the data center, today announced the SecureSphere Universal Visibility Architecture (UVA) which monitors all database activity regardless of the method used to access the database.

SecureSphere is the first network-based database security and compliance product capable of providing full visibility into local events initiated by privileged users and automated maintenance tasks using IPC (Inter Process Communication) mechanisms. Imperva tracks all avenues in and out of a database, including direct access to the host, without requiring any changes to scripts or work processes.

To secure sensitive business data and document controls for regulatory compliance, organizations must be able to monitor, audit, and control database access by authorized and privileged users, as well as programs running batch operations or stored procedures. SecureSphere addresses these requirements by providing comprehensive visibility into all database communications mechanisms, eliminating the ability of privileged users to modify audit settings, without impacting application performance.

Imperva Inc.