Harris Gets Crypto Contract

Harris has been awarded a $4.3 million contract by Rockwell Collins

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) has been awarded a $4.3 million contract by Rockwell Collins (NYSE:COL) to provide the Harris four-channel Sierra(TM) II encryption module for integration into the U.S. Air Force Ground Element Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network System, known as GEMS.

Under the GEMS program, the Sierra II module will encrypt fixed and deployable U.S. Air Force communications for bombers, tankers, reconnaissance, and other alert communications facilities. This system will provide an upgraded, networked infrastructure incorporating improved capabilities for aircrew alerting, message handling, and the supporting communications links.

As the GEMS cryptographic module, Sierra(TM) II provides a compact, high- speed, power-efficient device capable of processing eight half-duplex encrypted data streams simultaneously, allowing for more efficient spectral use of some of the nation's critical satellite resources.

Sierra(TM) II is a very small cryptographic device that can be embedded in a variety of voice and data products that require encryption of classified information prior to transmission or storage. Sierra(TM) II also performs advanced key management functions. The ability to reprogram Sierra(TM) II for different encryption needs greatly simplifies equipment upgrades for the user. Sierra(TM) II is targeted to applications requiring small, low-power, low-cost cryptographic solutions. It is ideally suited for portable (battery-operated) devices requiring high-grade security.

Harris Corp. (NYSE: HRS)

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