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GlobalCrypto Releases Version 2.3 Of Cyptographic Software

Company adds cryptographic-level security for Web applications
(March 2008) GlobalCrypto, the leader in low-cost, user-friendly cryptographic security for Web applications, today announced new functionality with the release of its version 2.3 suite of web application security products.

Cryptographic security has traditionally been out of reach for most Web applications due to its cost and complexity. But now GlobalCrypto makes cryptographic Web security affordable, user-friendly and extremely easy to install and operate for Web applications of any size.

GlobalCrypto's RealMe software is the only solution to embed cryptographic information in a digital image and use this image to exchange confidential and unique information between a Web site and a user. This process, known as steganography, enables the company to provide PKI-level security without tokens, cards or any type of hardware.

In fact, GlobalCrypto's Web application security delivers this ultra-high level of security without user certificates so there is nothing for the user to install and no cumbersome login requirements.

GlobalCrypto software is available either on-premise or in the cloud. Communication with the engine takes place via an xml web service making installation fast and painless.

GlobalCrypto's web application security software can be used to solve a host of fraud related problems for Web applications never before able to afford this level of security. Customer applications include:

User Authentication " GlobalCrypto software enables a user to upload a photo of their choice and have that picture embedded with cryptographic information unique to the user and Web site. The image is then split between the user and the Web application. No login can take place until the user unlocks the encrypted data in the image with their password and both halves of the encrypted information match. Users simply enter a password, which is never transmitted across the Internet, and GlobalCrypto's software does the rest.

This authentication process stops phishing and other Internet fraud attacks commonly used to steal a user's identity and credit card information and gain unauthorized access to Web sites.

Content Protection " Put a stop to unapproved downloading and distribution of web content. Web sites can create a more secure environment for transacting business and accelerating commerce by protecting documents, images, contracts, videos or any type of web content from unauthorized viewing and distribution. The software also enables users to digitally sign documents, thereby saving time and avoiding shipping costs.

Prevent Membership Sharing " Especially beneficial for SaaS companies at risk of having multiple users share a single membership or seat license. Web applications can require members to login from a designated computer or device, or restrict the number of devices used to access a Web site using a single membership. No more lost revenue from membership sharing.

Access multiple applications with a single, secure login " GlobalCrypto now delivers functionality similar to OpenID but designed specifically for businesses that require better visibility and a strong relationship with the Identity Provider. Rather than simply trusting an unknown Identity Provider, GlobalCrypto's software can be in installed in the customer's operating environment and serve as the Identity Provider. RealMe becomes the delegated authenticator and can be installed on-premise or in the cloud and offered as an on-demand service. GlobalCrypto uses a Security Assertion Mark-Up Language (SAML) integration to leverage trusted relationships between a business and its SaaS vendors. The RealMe Web single sign-on (SSO) solution provides an efficient way for customers and/or employees to authenticate to any trusted Web service.

No more juggling multiple passwords or managing lost password requests. Credentials can be managed centrally and issued or revoked instantly by the IT administrator. GlobalCrypto can provide unified audit logs, a real-time dashboard console and an ongoing flexible reporting engine.

About Global Crypto Only GlobalCrypto provides PKI-level security without certificates, tokens, smart cards or any other type of hardware or third-party authority. GlobalCrypto makes cryptographic security affordable for any web application while making the user experience extremely simple and user-friendly. GlobalCrypto's web application security can be used to securely authenticate users, minimize fraud attacks, protect web content, prevent membership sharing, and provide real-time fraud detection and reporting " while offering end-users an easy-to-use solution for safeguarding their online transactions and identities. Find out more about GlobalCrypto by calling 678.855.6116 or visiting

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