Global CIO: The World's Largest Private Cloud: Who's Number One?

Its 13 petabytes include archived data from the world's top banks and pharma companies, and it's growing rapidly. The owner's name starts with A -- but it's not Amazon.
Customers can "outsource the storage and management of their email messages, rich-media files, instant messages (IMs), unified communications content and content from over 400 repositories to a trusted, proven third-party. Digital Safe helps organizations to eliminate the burden of acquiring, implementing and managing local compliance grade storage, including the time and cost associated with backups, administration, software upgrades and technical support. The Autonomy solution requires no onsite hardware and is completely transparent to end-users."

That same press release, from back in April when Autonomy's Digital Safe was "only" 10 petabytes big, listed these companies among its private-cloud customers: Aviva, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Deutsche Bank, eBay, Lincoln Financial Group, LPL Financial, MetLife, Morgan Stanley, Societe Gnrale, and TD Ameritrade.

Autonomy expects the rush to the cloud to continue as both CIOs and CMOs are eager to find faster and more-effective ways to use technology--on-premise or elsewhere--to evaluate and explore revenue-generating opportunities in cost-effective ways.

"We're moving more and more of our applications into the cloud," Eagan said, "because we think that as companies begin preparing once again for growth, they're going to turn increasingly to the cloud."


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