Global CIO: Riverbed Sees Cloud Computing Boom In 2010

With CIOs looking to the cloud to help rekindle growth and CEOs dazzled by the economic promise, Riverbed is very bullish on cloud computing.
"The cloud has great potential," Wolford said, "but it also has about seven big technological barriers that have to be overcome for CIOs to be really comfortable with it, including security and reliability, and the huge opportunity will come for those IT vendors that can overcome those barriers and let their customers realize that huge potential the cloud offers."

So Riverbed is taking aim at a few of those obstacles as it seeks to continue growing ahead of the norm and and as it seeks to help CIOs cope with the lovesick infatuation (and all the delusions and distortions that often accompany infatuation) that their CEOs have with the cloud.

In fact, Wolford and Riverbed are so bullish on cloud computing that they've even repositioned the company away from WAN optimization and very specifically toward that thing that isn't what it is but is instead a data center. Asked what image he wants CIOs to have of Riverbed in 2010, he immediately answered, "Riverbed enables and accelerates cloud computing for enterprises and governments."

What do you think: is 2010 going to be a transition year for you and your company? And if so, is cloud computing at the heart of that effort? Let me know at [email protected].

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