Gemalto Announces Live Provisioning

Gemalto announced Live Provisioning, a feature within the Protiva strong authentication solution

AMSTERDAM and ARLINGTON, Va. -- Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, today announced Live Provisioning, a feature within the Protiva strong authentication solution that enables enterprise security managers to quickly and easily deploy new strong authentication devices or re-use existing ones. This comprehensive solution provides enterprises with a safe and simple way to secure remote access to networks, applications and documents.

“Information security managers can now set up strong authentication tokens themselves, making contactless live provisioning an industry first,” said Cedric Collomb, senior vice president, identity and access management, Gemalto. “We continue to add capabilities to our solution that give our enterprise clients and channel partners more flexibility and control so they can respond faster to end-user security needs.”

Live Provisioning, offered with the Customer Care Portal, is a new Web-based capability to automatically create all of the information needed to set up and use a strong authentication device with the Protiva Strong Authentication Server. The system includes a Gemalto contactless reader used to securely communicate with the smart card-based strong authentication device. Live Provisioning also generates the device ID, creates the device record, adds it to the data server and then transfers the information to the device, updating the backend user database. With these tools, security administrators can now manage the entire lifecycle of a digital security device more conveniently and productively.

Gemalto’s digital security devices and systems are available through Gemalto’s network of value added resellers. Protiva 335, the first strong authentication device compatible with Live Provisioning, is immediately available.

“Based on our extensive experience, I can see many ways Live Provisioning will benefit Gemalto’s channel partners,” said Sadik Al-Abdulla, security solutions manager for Berbee, a CDW company and a leading IT solutions provider. “Delivery is faster, since inventories of strong authentication devices can be maintained and shipped immediately without waiting for complex security customization. It will also simplify inventory management and reduce carrying costs, because devices in inventory can go to any client. And security administrators will certainly appreciate the flexibility and capability to manage their day-to-day operations more efficiently. As one example, Live Provisioning will simplify managing temporary tokens for contractors, since they can now be easily recycled.”