Fortis Selects Vordel

Fortis has deployed an enterprise-wide license of Vordel's award winning XML gateway, VordelSecure

DUBLIN -- Vordel, the SOA security and management company, today announced that Fortis Insurance Netherlands, one of the world's leading financial institutions and the third largest insurer in the Dutch market, has deployed an enterprise-wide licence of Vordel's award winning XML gateway, VordelSecure. Vordel is providing the secure framework for the rollout of products and services online to Fortis' 8,000 strong network of independent insurance vendors.

Fortis Netherlands has pursued a strategy of IT infrastructure virtualization to align with its corporate strategy of delivering a broad range of life, pension, healthcare insurances, mortgage and savings products to its specialist channel partners. A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides the ideal environment to enable the virtualization of products and services. The critical decision factors for the selection of Vordel were:

  • Guaranteed availability and high-message throughput capability that matched Fortis' high demands
  • Utility-based pricing model to facilitate the scaling of IT infrastructure in a virtualized service environment
  • Enabled Fortis ensure Web Services transactions met exacting FS regulatory measures
  • Support for a wide range of validation methods given the huge diversity of users accessing the insurance services.
  • Integration with the RSA single-sign on platform deployed at Fortis
  • Full protection against XML security vulnerabilities

A Fortis Netherlands spokesman said "We selected Vordel after reviewing several competing solutions in the marketplace. VordelSecure provides the most comprehensive security functionality combined with a highly performant, scalable XML infrastructure solution capable of matching our requirements for a Web Services based transaction environment.

Vic Morris, Vordel CEO, commented "Fortis is a great example of how our products are being used in the financial services industry to both secure the delivery of sensitive customer information but also manage the creation and rollout of new products via Web Services in a Service Oriented Architecture."

"Fortis have discovered the cost-effective and scalable nature of VordelSecure to address the demands of increasing Web Services-based transaction volumes without worrying about malicious attacks or non-compliance with regulatory standards," added Morris.

Vordel Ltd.

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