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FlowTraq Announces Availability Of FlowTraq Cloud For Network Security And Analysis

FlowTraq Cloud features include a flow record summary of network communication

LEBANON, N.H.–Leading network security software provider FlowTraq announced today the availability of FlowTraq Cloud, a secure cloud-based version of its network security and management software, which uses full-fidelity network flow records to provide unified security, monitoring, and forensics.

Hosted on a reliable cloud platform, FlowTraq securely stores network traffic so that organizations can monitor network performance and bandwidth consumption, catalog applications in use, and detect problematic changes in network activity cost effectively and efficiently.

"With FlowTraq Cloud, users can experience all of the benefits of FlowTraq without the hassle of managing a server and by only paying for the number of flow updates they actually use," said Vincent Berk, co-founder and CEO of FlowTraq. "With FlowTraq Cloud, customer flows are securely separated from other users, essentially giving you a private flow collector and analyzer so that you can better monitor, manage, and secure your network."

FlowTraq Cloud features include a flow record summary of network communication, which contains details on endpoints, service, and duration, so that organizations can investigate incidents without storing network traffic on a local server. Having access to FlowTraq's history-long full-fidelity database gives users the data they need to identify attempts to compromise sensitive data and investigate incidents after a compromise has occurred.

The onboarding process is simple. Users can either transmit their flow data directly to the FlowTraq Cloud or install FlowTraq's free FlowProxy locally in their networks, and securely transmit all their flow records to the FlowTraq Cloud.

FlowTraq Cloud's pay-per-flow pricing model makes it affordable for organizations of all sizes to monitor their NetFlow or sFlow® by scaling the price to fit the exact needs of the user. Additional pricing information can be found here.

FlowTraq supports all major flow formats, including NetFlow, jFlow, CFlow, sFlow®, and IPFIX. To learn more about FlowTraq Cloud, visit

About FlowTraq

Founded in 2004, FlowTraq develops and markets software solutions that monitor and analyze network security and performance to provide deep insight, high visibility, and valuable understanding of complex network infrastructures. With FlowTraq, users gain an unprecedented level of network situational awareness that facilitates fast and easy monitoring, quick security analysis, and complete forensic recall of any traffic that crosses their network, thus reducing organizational risk. FlowTraq software solutions include FlowTraq, FlowTraq Cloud and FlowExporter. FlowTraq has over 2,600 customers worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, ISPs, Managed Service Providers, government, schools, and universities. FlowTraq is privately held and headquartered in New Hampshire. For more information, visit