Flip On Over To B-Sides

With RSA kicking off on Tuesday, you may be asking yourself, What's to do on Monday in San Francisco?
With RSA kicking off on Tuesday, you may be asking yourself, What's to do on Monday in San Francisco?In case you haven't heard, BSides is in full swing Monday and Tuesday. Hurry over to the Zeum, right next to the Moscone Center, and attend the BSides talks.

BSides is a conference organized by those in the industry, for those in the industry. No fanciness here. All about the content, the audience, and building better interaction between speakers and attendees.

This year's talks range from comparing social network intelligence to the NSA to understanding the risks and rewards of running a bug bounty program. Big names from Barracuda, Rapid 7, and others are presenting and available to discuss anything your heart desires.

The goal of Security BSides is to foster communication and collaboration while increasing the level of conversation. It provides a solid framework for similar conferences to be organized and hosted locally and worldwide. In the last year alone, BSides events were hosted in 10 new cities including Berlin, Ottawa, Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Dallas, and San Francisco.

"Security BSides is what security cons should be - non-pretentious, enlightening, and community-driven," says Dave Shackleford, consultant and frequent presenter at infosec conferences.

Even if you're not in San Francisco this week, check out BSides in your home town or sign up to organize your own.

Let us know on Twitter which B-Sides talks you attended. @adamely on Twitter, hashtag #BSides.

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