Firm Taps GuardianEdge

Professional services firm implements GuardianEdge hard disk encryption solution to protect data on all notebook PCs

SAN FRANCISCO -- Clark, Schaefer, Hackett & Co., one of the leading accounting and consulting firms in the U.S. serving Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, demonstrated its commitment to client confidentiality and data privacy by selecting GuardianEdge, the leading provider of endpoint data protection for the enterprise, to safeguard information on all of the firm's notebook PCs. The seamless implementation of GuardianEdge hard disk encryption technology, a critical component of the complete GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform, ensures that the sensitive information used by the firm's highly mobile work force is protected, even if a laptop is lost or stolen.

"We are one of the largest firms in our region with multiple offices and employees that are constantly on the move. Selecting GuardianEdge's advanced security technology was a crucial step in protecting the sensitive accounting and personal details we handle on a daily basis. We do not want our company name in the headlines for the wrong reasons," said Joe Rumpler, IT shareholder for Clark, Schaefer, Hackett & Co. "To strengthen our client and company privacy we made data security a top priority, allowing us to operate without the fear of a data breach due to a lost or stolen laptop computer and to differentiate us from our competitors."

The firm's selection of the GuardianEdge hard disk solution for endpoint data protection was driven by the solution's tight integration with Microsoft Active Directory(R) and centralized management capabilities. These capabilities allowed this scalable solution to be easily introduced and deployed to all enterprise notebook PCs with no performance degradation. In addition, since the initial roll out four months ago, Clark, Schaefer, Hackett & Co. IT personnel have also found that the GuardianEdge support and password recovery features have resulted in reduced help desk requests.

"It only takes one data breach headline to sufficiently shake consumer confidence in a brand, not to mention the effects on the organization's records or security infrastructure. This fear keeps the IT staff up at night and consumers on high alert," said Alan Fudge, President and CEO of GuardianEdge. "Mobile workforces are today's reality. The GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform delivers an enterprise endpoint solution that secures sensitive or propriety information, doesn't interrupt normal business practices and is easy to manage."

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